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Powerplay 7/91 - Hefttitel



WHO IS WHO? Manfred Trenz

The creator of Turrican, Manfred Trenz, was born 1965 in Saarbrücken (Germany). After visiting the school, he began a training as architectural draughtsman. In 1987 he began to work as a graphic artist for the Düsseldorfer software house "Rainbow Arts". Since 1981 he was a fascinated computer and arcade gamer, especially fast action games. The made the graphics for the Mario-Clone "Giana-Sisters" which initiated an international copyright discussion. Also the fantastic shoot em up "Katakis" because it had excelent graphics and it looks like the arcade game "R-Type". In only six weeks, the team Trenz/Escher made an official version of the arcade game for the English software house "Electric Dreams". With the action jump 'n' run "Turrican I" and "Turrican II" Manfred Trenz finished his C64-career, and also the cowork of many years with the graphic artist Andreas Escher. In the future he hope to develop on 16-BIT machines.    (wi)




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